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Enhanced salon management. Boost client retention, streamline bookings, and track ROI seamlessly.

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Easy Migration

Our team ensures a smooth transfer of your valuable data, including client profiles, appointments, inventory, and more.

Education & training

Provides comprehensive resources, including video tutorials and articles, to help salon owners in understanding the software.

Implementation support

Hands-on assistance to salon owners, guiding them through the setup and configuration of our software.

Why choose GrowEasy?

Enhance your salon experience by switching from Daysmart to the advanced Grow Easy


Boost revenue and retain clients with customizable memberships

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Loyalty Reward Management

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Your branded app for your salon

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Renowned support team

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Receive alerts for clients with multiple no-shows

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online appointment booking ,with deposit to book a slot

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Effortlessly manage staff schedules and payroll.

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Dedicated Business Advisor to help you increase salon revenue

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Online reputation Management

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See how much you’ll save with Grow Easy App

Value for Money

all essential features

Transparent and direct Plans

No additional add ons


all essential features

Transparent and direct Plans

No additional add ons

All essential features for managing your business, right at your fingertip

Manage and automate day-to-day operations—from appointment booking and client management to retail sales, staff management, and payments.

Elevate your salon management with our seamless solutions.

Loyalty Management

Unleashing the Power of Loyalty Management

Our software's loyalty features empower salons to create customized loyalty programs, rewarding clients for frequent visits, referrals, or specific services.

Reward points drive loyalty, boosting client retention and spending frequency.

Software analytics offer insights for personalized promotions, enhancing the client experience.

Earn points with each visit, redeem for discounts, fostering repeat clientele.

Cash registration

Streamlining Salon Finances for Optimal Management

Comprehensive cash register for real-time tracking, historical analysis, employee ranking, and streamlined checkout.

Track daily revenue in real-time, empowering informed salon business decisions.

Stored data aids trend analysis, financial planning, and tracks past promotions.

Stored data aids trend analysis, financial planning, and tracks past promotions.


Tailored Salon Service Packages with Membership Program

By offering exclusive membership benefits, such as discounts, priority booking, or complimentary services, salons enhance customer engagement and retention.

Admins effortlessly craft personalized bundles, meeting customer preferences in each membership.

Transform transactions into steady revenue, aiding accurate financial growth

Automate renewals, notifications for a seamless, uninterrupted Membership Program experience.


Craft packages service providing discounts to enhance sales

Packages Feature, a dynamic solution that enhances customer experience and provides unparalleled flexibility for salon services .

Admins customize pass validity for flexibility, tailoring durations based on promotions.

Salon offers unlimited pass sales, ensuring adaptability in promotions and preferences.

Admins can curate packages that align with customer preferences or promotional strategies.


Streamlining Transactions for Seamless Salon Experiences

Experience the convenience of speedy transaction processing, accompanied by live status tracking for real-time visibility into financial transactions.

Simplify payments with a integration of stripe platform and seamless checkout experience.

Collect deposits for every booking to minimize the risk of no-shows

Facilitate online sales of membership, packages and products seamlessly.

For Salons committed to expanding and thriving

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Yes, you can add and allow clients to book online right from your website. Find instructions and tutorials here.

Salon management software is a comprehensive tool designed to help salon owners streamline operations, manage appointments, track inventory, and improve customer experiences. It benefits your salon by saving time, reducing administrative work, and enhancing client satisfaction.

Yes, our salon management software is highly adaptable and suitable for a variety of salon types, including hair salons, beauty spas, nail salons, and more. It’s designed to accommodate small, medium, and large-sized salons.

Absolutely! Our software offers advanced scheduling and appointment management features. You can easily book and reschedule appointments, assign staff, and send automated reminders to both clients and employees.

Our salon management software includes inventory tracking and a POS system. It allows you to monitor product levels, generate sales reports, and seamlessly process payments, making it easier to manage your salon’s retail operations.

Yes, we provide dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues. Our support team is available through phone, email, and live chat to ensure you have the best experience with our software.

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